Trump speaks at World Economic Forum in Davos – as it happened


US president Donald Trump provides the primary keynote speech on day one of many 50th World Financial Discussion board in Davos.



  1. Leave your car running while you're inside your closed garage: you're dead. CO! Now picture in your mind Millions of Vehicles pouring CO into the atmosphere DAILY! How much longer can the planet stand that level of toxicity? Global Warming or not we are intoxifying our planet with the damn OIL. I was impressed by Prince Charles speech. Trump loves OIL! EVerytime you get a spill, millions of fish and birds die. Read "Deep Horizon Oil Spill" in Gulf of Mexico.

  2. انچه نقص ژنتیکیست بیشعوریست در. هر. جای دنیا و بی نهایت مسری پس یقین بدان. اگر کسی طاعون داشت کشته شود بهتر از ان است که همه بگیرند

  3. People don't understand how this works. Trump is speaking only to a domestic audience. He doesn't care about the rest of the world. He didn't even know there were so many countries. These other countries are destroying their own ecology with population explosions and crude development, largely egged on by the Western powers, who seek cheap labour and consumables. They think they can catch up with the US by following their method. They've been conned.


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