US Senate begins Donald Trump impeachment trial – watch live


For less than the third time in US historical past, the Senate is opening an impeachment trial towards the president



  1. This trial of President Trump is like when South Africa put Nelson Mandela on trial in the 1960s. Mr Mandela was framed but won in the end, thankfully President Trump will hopefully be acquitted.

  2. I hope Mr Trump gets impeached but mostly for assisinating that General , this to me is a war crime even though congress had no problems with it, maybe all of congress needs to be impeached also. Hy Mr Govt start doing whats right for the people.

  3. Whenever after watching a video I decided that I have to pass comments I found a line ' the comments are disabled or turned off.' This is unfair & against the policy of 'freedom of expression.' Someone from the west particularly America (the so-called champion of democracy & human rights) must try to address my grievance.
    Tell me WHY comments are disabled or turned off.

  4. President has all the rights to protect the American people from corrupted presidential candidate ‼️✅
    How can he inform the the Congress Swamp before he got all the evidence ,when the person who committing the crime is one of their own democrats.‼️😈

  5. Tump cares about himself first & America comes after his daughter the one he would fxxk if she wasnt his daughter, he brings back a light bulb that's bad for the environment, why? Because the environmentally friendly bulbs made him get that him look orange…

  6. Why aren't these people undergoing a solid nutrition, exercise, and yoga regiment? They're making decisions upon which millions of lives rest, and they look like they haven't left their couch in 25 years. What kind of mind disregards the health of its own brain, and the body that houses it when its own functionality is that critical?

  7. I’m rating the Demonic A..hole Dems before they start their misguided attempt. But there are so many in first place I’m bewildered. I need some help, list the highest three if you will. Tough choice but you can do it.

  8. A lot of people end up dead around the Clintons , except maybe Susan McDougal. Was she the smart one, that would not testify against bill in his impeachment ? Maybe she decided to go to prison for a few years, instead of committing suicide too. Jim McDougal, CNN Report: McDougal had no access to his heart medication nor doctors just before his death

  9. If the evil orange imbecile criminal wasn't so arrogant and truly believes he's above the law then maybe he wouldn't of always got caught committing all his crimes from day one.

  10. Take comfort in this – When Trump dies in the not so distant future he will suffer beautifully for his sins. His death will be prolonged and complicated and he will beg for death but it will not come fast and clean for him.

    It will be beautiful.

  11. The world is watching the Trump impeachment and judging American politicians.  The GOP is refusing witnesses and adopting Trump’s rhetoric, nastiness and unprofessionalism.   We know about the public declarations of
    Trump and the GOP Ukraine corruption, but what else have they done that we
    haven’t discovered yet?? Why would the GOP want to defend Trump's corruption and not honor their impeachment trial oath unless there’s more GOP corruption that McConnell, Barr, Pompeo and Nunes want to hide?     The
    FBI and CIA need to look at McConnell, Barr Pompeo and Nunes for treason against the United States of America.


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