President Donald Trump Approval Down In New State Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel appears to be like at new Morning Seek the advice of polling on the president’s job approval in states together with Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. Aired on 12/06/19.
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President Donald Trump Approval Down In New State Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC



  1. And the Fifth Collum still spreading their Lies and trash. CNN is not the only member of the American Fifth Collum that is in the cross hairs of a Lawsuit for reporting Fiction as News. And just like the Killing of the Terrorist Qassem Suleimani has started a fleeing of terrorist out of Iraq We can only hope CNN Losing to the Truth and Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann may makes the Rest of the Fifth Collum start to report the Truth and facts

  2. Where are you getting these fake Numbers the same people that told you the Terrorist Iran killed Americans. Here is the truth RICHMOND, Va. — A new poll released by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy on Tuesday says President Donald Trump would defeat every top Democrat contender for the presidency except for former Vice President Joe Biden in Virginia.I would love to see President Trump in Richmond. I think 2020 is going to be like 1984 And whoever the DNC Nominate suffered the same kind of loss that Walter Mondale (D) received only 13 EC Votes. We know the DNC will win CA 55 and NY 29. It looks like there are the only double digit States the DNC will win in 2020

  3. I have to keep pointing out to my Republican friends that no one lives in Wyoming compared to our county: 600,000 to 800,000 people. They don't seem to realize that people don't live in the Rocky mountains! And yet when some people look at a map and see that huge red area, they think the country is pro-GOP. This is also why many people claim that the electoral college is no longer valid because the states with the lowest populations have more power then the states with high populations in deciding elections.

  4. If you want Trump out of office, DO NOT LET THIS MAKE YOU COMPLACENT!!! We need to vote blue. We can not rest until he's out of the white house. It was how he won last time, but not again!


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