Nancy Pelosi's daughter has a message for Trump


Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine Pelosi reacts to President Trump’s feedback in regards to the Home Speaker’s response to a query from a reporter. #CNN #Information



  1. That son of a bitch bastard Donald trumpuerco Trump look like my mother in law mad all of the time like they want to kill the world never smile and trash talking all the time they need get a shower w Holly water so they get the devil's out of their bodies and minds pieces of shit hassholes fuck trumpuerco and my mother n law devil's never smiles bastards

  2. We're did the PELOSI daughters , and how? Did two daughters were caught coming in to the SAN DIEGO border in a motorhome with drugs ?? Now all of a sudden NOTHING. Sounds like another ILLEGAL cover-up from the DEMOS??

  3. Democrats have their meetings do you think they're talking about the American people or do you think they're talking about just how to take Trump down and get him impeached that's all they're focused on they are obsessed with Trump look how the cities that the Democrats are running right now the Democrats are not for our president they are against him how do you think that looks with other countries our president has done a lot for us he's done more than any other president has ever done like about China and other countries taken advantage of us for billions and billions of dollars every year in trade the Democrats are all about power who knows who's telling the truth anymore I see a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing…..

  4. Who cares about what Pelosi's daughter thinks this is all drama is this what people like is series Democrats this is all they do you know all on those doors close with the Democrats and they have their meetings that all they're focusing on is how to get Trump and take him down there not focusing on us or what we need look at how the Democrats are running their cities right now look at how they're ran like how many homeless people they are and they want to have the wall. Built where all the criminals and terrorists and anybody can come on Inn we need to protect ourselves American people

  5. Nancy Pelosi and her gang have no choice but to cover up Joe & Hunter Biden's involvement in the Ukraine. Basically this is the behaviour of mafia gangs on a dimension I would not dare to try. It suits Hillary Clinton well who can quietly and peacefully cover her own tracks.

  6. Another LIAR, they need to SH…their mouth. No one believed what they said anymore don’t talk about reading her BS BOOK 👎👎👎😭😭😭 SORRY for our country and our people who are believed .

  7. How can people who seems so sweet, kind, and normal believe that it is okay to kill babies? You are right about Trump’s behavior toward everyone but still be so blind to that cruelty. How can you pray and “be moral” but push to take innocent lives? How can you be empathetic for children killed by guns and so hard hearted toward the most innocent humans on earth? It just makes no sense to me. I want to trust and like you but the cognitive dissonance CNN and most Democrats are able to live with is unbelievable.

  8. Shes playful on her cocaine and alcohol shes really religious shes a fake corrupt crook that should be in jail and so should you and the rest of your family and your nephew Gavin Newsom governor of California your all being watched and under new investigation the corruption of you crooks is going to stop that's why nutty Nancy Pelosi prays all the time that she and here family dont go to jail tell the truth Never ever interfere with the enemy when they are destroying them selfs the Democrats are losers that lost all credibility trump 2020 losers go to hell

  9. Your a peace of garbage your not religious your a crook and your daughter's and son is to worthless peaces of shit and then you got your cocaine dauther that got caught and sweep under the rug what happened to those charges you all worthless peaces of shit

  10. She's no better looking then her crazy mother. Crazy Nancy is not good looking. She just can't even talk how did she raise 5 kids well nannies of course. I don't believe her daughter either. she's a big democrat that lies when lips are moving. Her daughter don't talk any better then her mom. Nancy is not fit to be a congress woman. And this station is just so many lies I can't believe people still watch it. Nancy is having a melt down because her lies are getting out and she can't stand it that she may go to jail for all her crimes of lies that she weaved for years. She even has her own daughter brain washed.She is so dumb rainbow bullet for Homosexuals that's their thing a rainbow. So she for them not God not good. But she will have to answer God . I don't believe that she is a good Christian from the Catholic Church. They don't teach the word of God. I guess know they can read their Bible's but it has to be the Catholic Bible. That tell their sins to a man to get forgiven. Don't work that way. One one can forgive sins and that the All Might God . We can tell each other our faults but not our sins. How I'm I to k ow what your sin is when I have my own sin. We confess our sins to God only not some man called father my Bible say not to call any earthly man your father for there is only one father he arts in heaven. We have dad's or daddy's on earth. Yes we do call our dads father because the helped make us but we shouldn't do that. So Nancy go get a better understanding of what your job really is. That you work for the people by the people. But you have it that you work for your self to do what you want when you want and to hell with the people. That put you in office. You are so crazy with all your wrong doings to this country and it's people. Resign and go away some where like Iran you love their killers more then American soldiers so just get out of this country.