All but certain the House will impeach Trump | Anderson Cooper


CNN’s Anderson Cooper explains how it’s sure the Home will impeach President Donald Trump after Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) instructed the American people who she is requesting that the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee draft formal articles of impeachment towards President Donald Trump.

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  1. So Congress members of the United States of America is saying that the people of the United States of America don't have a choice is it now up to us who in n the wight house we are the ones that picked Trump as our President we should be able to pick him out of a president again if we so choose to it is not their choice is supposed to be voice of the people unlike Obama he should have been kicked out of the United States altogether fitting should not have been in office as long as he wants all he did was True Lies Trump has done

  2. It's a shame so many gullible Americans are duped by liars in the media like thism Biden is guilty of quid pro quo but nobody is investigating him but Trump does his job and they wanna impeach him because he is shining a spotlight on their corruption! Bunch of hypocrites, liars and thieves.

  3. A lot of people don't realize how great of a present trump is if you think about it he has done so much for this country and for what people hate him for no reason I just don't get it and take Obama for an example Obama focused on health care and oboma care was the biggest joke in all of politics

  4. Just this in, not only is Trump himself an old jackass but so is every other ancient sack of bones in office. Hey, electorial college, can we have some people in office who don't piss dust and have the grim reaper riding their ass? That'd be nice, thanks.

  5. I am sorry America, never heard any ideas of development or some ground breaking ideas from Nancy. Trump is no baby but at least he has America first, he is not innocent, but he has the acumen right get things done.

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