Watch Trudeau, Macron and Johnson appear to gossip about Donald Trump on hot mic


Canadian President Justin Trudeau, U.Ok. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron seemed to be gossiping about President Donald Trump at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. It’s not clear who Trudeau was referring to as nobody talked about the U.S. President by identify. Nonetheless, Trump responded to the video the following day, calling Trudeau “two-faced.”

Trump’s remarks with NATO Secretary Normal Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday lasted 53 minutes, 23 minutes longer than what the itinerary urged.



  1. Aliens warn that the blast of nuclear war causes volcanic eruptions and earthquakes more than 10 richter magnitude scale around the world 1 in 3 human survivors.

  2. Notice how they quickly switch to a different camera. The look on Merkel's face was probably priceless. About 80% of people in the USA wouldn't even care if POTUS had skipped the NATO Summit all together.

  3. Wherever there is socialism, there is bullshit, nothing new really… everyone accuses Trump of being some kind of man- baby, yet all the socialists regardless of what country they represent walk around like they aren't a day out of high school in terms of their level of maturity. Watching all these politicians and watching Trump would remind a person as one of the most severe cases of bullying any of us have ever seen out of a bunch of so- called, "political leaders." Makes high school bullying look like a walk in the park.
    Kind of like when Pelosi had her hissy- fit on the reporter when asked, "Do you hate the president?"
    She'd prefer that all her little rainbow- flag followers and so- called peaceful socialist millenial minions not be aware that socialism is driven by hate, oppression, war, poverty, death and ultimately; dictatorship.
    Sheep follow on the left; leaders pave their own path right 😆

  4. And princess Ann also seems to be running her mouth. I have always known that neither of these people were any better than Trump, but now herewith for everybody to see. This is the standard, this is our so called ''elite'', these are our so called ''leaders'' _ a bunch of basic school boys and girls.

  5. 'rump, he can dish it but he can't take it. Funny how a Bully works, calling Macron two-faced when that is EXACTLY what the ORANGE POS is! 'rump is really vain if he thinks they were talking about him . . . maybe they meant a different 'him'. Where is mrs 'rump and why is SHE not stopping her husband, he is the BIGGEST, HUGEST (and I mean WORST) BULLY and quadrupled Chinned (Orange colored) Beast (hog) out there!

  6. I find it ironic how you wealthy white liberals think trump is stupid. macron is childless and married to a 70 yr old woman and Trudeau gets caught going blackface how mnay times? stupid if u ask this non american

  7. What's the big deal? We all gossip about each other. Canada's leader is a funny guy. He was just having a laugh. Sadly, the world has lost some sense of humour. I still that "blackface" issue was also very petty, even that issue was that deep. Modern people are snowflakes. I miss those days when people didn't mind laughing at themselves.


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