Trump Administration To Kick Nearly 700,000 Off Food Stamps | All In | MSNBC


The Trump administration has moved to kick almost 700,000 off meals stamps — and it plans to take away hundreds of thousands extra. Aired on 12/04/19.
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Trump Administration To Kick Practically 700,000 Off Meals Stamps | All In | MSNBC



  1. Hank Paulson secretary of treasury gave $800 billion to a few banks. They economy is failing. Only a few have it good. More and more of our society is in a state of deterioration. The laws for the wealthy are criminal. They have the gold so they make the rules. Is Democracy dead?

  2. More fake news, able bodied people between the ages of 17 to 49 who have no dependents will have to get a JOB and prove they worked a certain number of hours to qualify for benefits. TRUMP 2020.

  3. I'm a veteran who just got laid off if you bring in more than 1350 dollars gross a month you don't qualify for stamps any thing under 1350 income a month is prorated for a single person 200 max no income at all so now when i start receiving my unemployment at 300 a week which will be 1200 a month gross i qualify for 16 dollars a month in food stamps now this is i hope temporary till i find a job making more than 300 a week now i have rent to pay 600 a month if i was getting lets say 200 a week in unemployment then i need the food stamps so i don't have to spend my rent money for food then risk not being able to pay my rent foods stamps to me gives you some structure financially so you can hold on to your apartment get back on your feet till i find another job it gives you some dignity to exist as a functioning tax paying working class person food stamps is not welfare i dont know what more to say except a Republican is not a working-class party you better wake up and vote for the working-class party which is the democrat party period..

  4. Let me get this straight the Trump Administration wants to cut off 700,000 people receiving food stamps so The Department of Agriculture could save the agency $5.5 Billion over five year.
    At the same time the FED is injecting Billions in liquidity everyday into the banking system.
    And what about that $21 Trillion “missing money” from Department of Defense and Housing and urban Development.

  5. Donald Trump people want to work you the one that's beating the taxpayers out of their money that's why you refuse to show your taxesin your financial records because you're getting rich off of the taxpayers in the people working paycheck-to-paycheck that's why you going to extremes to hide your taxes and your financialyou've been beating the taxpayers for years out of our own money show your taxes the American people want to see everything plus your financial dealings with foreign governments to see how much you are compromised by and how much you Old these dictator government

  6. Like ripping immigrants from their babies for their own good? To 'discourage' others from migrating to US? How'd that work out? Majority on SNAP are White Trump supporters…

  7. This food stamp thing it's another I'm up instruction of our constitution it's not loud it was not votedand what's so bad about it they went behind closed doors the American people didn't know anything about it if it hadn't been for the news media we would have never known I'm sick of these backdoor corrupt dealings by this administration and trump

  8. where are the Trump administration now there's no jobs there was jobs when Obama was in office when Donald Trump got in office the jobs was closing people with getting laid off member the motorcycle company left kohls left a whole bunch of people left Sears close down a lot of businesses closed down because of Donald Trump just ask the farmers even he's muss them overthe only time we have real jobs when Obama was President all these jobs left when Donald Trump got in office going behind back doors deals deals everybody was leaving all the companies was closing down because he tried to charge him a high tax and everything he knows you're not any jobs because he has gotten rid of themthat's why we need the Democrats in the Senate to create new jobs like Obama did we was living good under Obama

  9. Where somebody need to tell the president if there were any jobs people would be working these guys there's not any jobs that's why we need a Democratic Senate to create some jobsadd Donald Trump forgot when he became president most of the businesses closed and most of them moved and close down and went out of business because of him

  10. What the Trump administration should be doing for the American people like past eight $15 minimum wage not taking social securitythat we pay into in our food stamps to put in the president's pocket for his re-election in 2020 because nobody knows what they do with the money once they get it I'm sick of these backdoor deals that is not lawbuy this corrupt administration another obstruction of justice act by this administration

  11. thank u MSNBC you're the best news we never would have known about this back door deal that is in law to take food stamps from infant baby toddlers people on disability we never would have known about this dirty corruptbackdoor dealings to take food stamps for seniors in from schools with most seniors get is $15 a month thank you for bringing this unlawful law that was crastinate it behind closed doors by the Republican to take food stamps from the poor and the needy that is not loud they need to be suedin the American people never would have found out about it through this corrupt administration if it wasn't from MSNBC news thank you we need you

  12. this Republican administration has had a silver spoon up there but all day like they had no reality what real people are struggling with in the sit up here and go behind American people's back on a backdoor deals to take food stamps which most people get $15 a month is criminal and it's not even lawand then to top it off with they never would have told the American people we had to find out through the news mediathank God for the news media because all this backdoor dealings in this criminal activity has gone far enough

  13. we need to hurry up and get this administration in this President out of office because there is not going to be any programs left anytime you got a ministration that want to take your social security that you pay into from working for years and years for their own pocket something is wrongthen you won't find out about it because it's done behind closed doors and you have to find out through the news media it's time for them to gothese backdoor dealings is a little bit too much for me without the American people knowing nothing until the news media let us know because they keep doing stuff behind closed doors to put money in their pockets that they need to run for the 2020 election

  14. Since seniors only get $15 a month when they cut this program how much will the seniors getand who would want to cut food stamps for people on disability kids on disabilities babies on disabilities infants on disability seniors in the elderly who would do that but a corrupt administration and who would cut meals for schools with most kids don't have enough money to feed a put on the tablewhat the Republicans should have been passing behind closed doors is a $15 minimum wage with still isn't enough to live on but we will take that why don't they do something the American people want them to do pass a $15 minimum wageretired undercut to social security retired of them cutting food when we are working day today scrounging to buy foodthe average person gets $15 a month on food stamps once they cut this program in school programs what will they get if they only getting $15 and once the money comes back to them it would go only in their pocketswhy didn't they pass the $15 minimum wage if they want to do something for the American people why do they want to cut social security that the American people pay into to line their own pocketswhy are they doing all of this behind closed doors and back doors and then we got to find out through the news mediaI thank God for the news media can we would not find out about the back doors corrupt dealings without the news

  15. why is this administration cutting food stamps for the needy in the pool or why didn't the American people know about it why do we have to find out through the news media while they keep doing these backdoor deals and cutting everything from protecting our are protecting our water or food everything and we don't find out about it to the news media tell uswe are the American people and we should have a say so instead of them going behind the American people's backs making these deals behind closed doors with his Republicans administrationthe American people should have been the first to know about this they need to stop doing back doors deals then we have to find out through the media the truth because the Trump administration never would have told us

  16. wykeham the Trump administration went behind the people's back in the seniors to take them off of food stamps instead of letting the people had their saywhy is he doing all these backdoor deals behind the American people's back then we have to find out about it from thenews media thank God for the news media with this crooked back door working administration why would they want to take food with seniors only get $15 a month in food stamps and they want to cut that from the seniors so how much money would that be put back in the Donald Trump's pockets once he cut this program for seniors in the elderly in the disability that are on food stamps I know the elderly gets $15 a month so that mean they might get $2 a month nowwhy are these shady deals being done behind the American people's back instead of letting the American people vote on thatif it wasn't from the news media we would know nothing about them cutting social security that we pay into the food stamps for people on disability to seniors the kids the babies that infants the toddlers the school lunchbecause we're not getting anything why didn't he do something like raise the minimum wage so people can't afford to buy foodI don't see the Republicans talking about raising the minimum wage but seniors gets $15 in food stamps and they want to cut that and when they do that money goes into Donald Trump's pockets we never know what happens to the money with all the programs that he cuts and get that money for

  17. So NM is the 6th highest state on the poverty scale with 18.2% on food stamps for a US total of 70 Billion a year compared to Military spending of 639 Billion per year with a request to increase by 10%. Good thing because say you live in a neighborhood with 10 houses on the block 2 of those homes wont have food now imagine that's on every block. How can we be the greatest country and not ensure that every one can eat. I don't receive these benefits but my heart breaks for those that do. My sister was a single mother of 6 working 70 plus hrs. A week between two part time low paying jobs. While the X hubby & father was no where to be found. Also imagine the new jobs not created for all those places like Walmart excettera employing mostly part time to escape medical insurance costs, now having the 70 billion dollar annual impact also hitting farmers, Dairy farms, food mfg.s and processers also taking hits… like GM, Kellogs, Thomas, Dole, Flordias best, Cali Oranges USDA meats excettera…. shame plus I would imagine that we wont see the 70 billion per year kicked back… just venting

  18. Li yet it's the goverment who decides who is abled body , if your are mentally I'll a doctor can decide and if you dont have medical insh. how do you get revalued? If your homeless becuse you lost your job or I'll and nobody will hire you becuse you don't have an address, or you don't have a place or clothe for an interview, or no transportation or no money for gas and no one will hire you. I am blessed I have never had to go hungry but I still realize that there may be people who want to work but cant becuse of many thing out of thire control should not go hungry. I belive that when people go hungry they will do whatever they have to do to feed themselfs and thire love ones . If crimes go up we we still feed them in a prison and they will get 3 meals and a cot and medical support . I belive hunger can and will become a great motivator for desperate people to do things that they will not normally do . There will be a cuse and effect to these new cuts. I suggest that any one who dose not belive this to commit to not eat for 48 hr and see how you would do if you didn't have the means to get food. Food banks are having to turn away hungry people becuse there is a shortage in thire food supply's and free meals are starting to get harder to supply for the same reson.

  19. › research › food-assistance › snap-helps-almost-14-… 
    Nov 8, 2018 – In every state, thousands of low-income veterans use SNAP to help put food on … The 1.4 million figure, an annual average for the 2015-2017 period, … that they need some time to search for a job after leaving military service.

  20. I don't care what race gets food stamps more often ,but some people's point yes a lot of Trumps voter will be cut from food stamps . No one should go hungry especially children and the elderly .

  21. "The Fake News Network's", (aka Real News Network) Marc Steiner began by saying Trump's policies on SNAP will effect millions of people, then during his interview of Karren Dolan from institute of policy studies, she says only 700,000 thousand people will be effected, A STARK CONTRAST OF MARC STEINER'S MILLIONS! The Left always tips the scales of truth to try to divide people when proposing their bias agendas! Which always is, to smear Trump! Then False Media Host Marc Steiner goes on to site a report by the "Urban Institute", called "Estimated Effect of Recent Proposed Changes to SNAP Regulations", where the report says 3.7 fewer million people and 2.1 million fewer households would receive SNAP, "IF" the changes had been implemented in 2018'. MEANING THE 2018 CHANGES NEVER HAPPENED AT ALL, 'IF' means 'IF', THE REPORT WAS JUST A GUESS, NOT REAL/FAKE NEWS!! The Washington D.C. based, "Urban Institute" has been referred to as "Liberal". A 2005' study of media bias in The Quarterly Journal of Economics ranked UI as the 11th most liberal of the 50 most-cited think tanks and policy groups, placing it between the NAACP and the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals! ~ I can go on about how the Far Left, Liberal,  "FAKE NEWS NETWORK" disguises itself as some  "Real News Network" but I've already established my point! ~ Trump's cut backs on food given by states past the 3 month period does not effect Faith Based Food Banks like "SALVATION ARMY", ST.VINCENT DE PAUL, DAILY SOUP KITCHENS, ETC, ETC, ETC……. Trump's Polices to save precious taxpayer money actually effects very few people, as they will be forced to go elsewhere for help! BEWARE OF LIBERAL LYING LEFTIST SO-CALLED REAL NEWS NETWORKS!. . .

  22. ONCE Again … Another TRUMP TEMPER TANTRUM … remove millions of Americans and the working poor off food stamps … so that they cant feed their children!!!
    Then give 5X times as much in Welfare benefits back to farmers!!!
    This whole scheme is to keep Middleclass, poor working people distracted Who he feels doesn't even vote for him … so that they complain or punish their Democratic leaders … AND then trynna bribe or reward farmers with these subsidies who he thinks will vote FOR him after fckng up their income with fckd up Tariffs!!!

  23. If the goal of "food stamps" is to effectively feed the less fortunate, USDA should start by limiting the types of food allowed to be purchased. Currently it is allowed that a person buy an unlimited amount of potato chips, soda pop, donuts, and candy. It is also allowed that a person shop at a more expensive convenience store despite the fact that it is across the street from a typical grocery store.
    I worked for USDA (Department of Food and Nutrition) and it was commonly understood that the lack of controls over what can be purchased with food stamps was directly related to unhealthy eating habits and frivolous purchases that ran counter to promoting health and nutrition–and that the cost to feed those receiving aid was not sustainable without limitations on the purchase of certain types of foods.
    The Clinton/Gore administration attempted to rectify these problems but the republican congress blocked all attempts to make affordable health and nutrition the active goal of the Department. Administrative rules were amended though that introduced debit cards that replaced the paper food stamps. With that change combined with scanning technology that most stores use today the system is now able to see in real-time what is being purchased and at what cost.
    Yes, the system can now tell you just how many lobster tails and cookies from the check-out counter at 7-11 the taxpayer is funding versus the number of whole chickens and bags of potatoes. From that information, I think it would be clear to the public whether or not there should be some limitations on types of purchases to achieve the most bang for our buck. Trump on the other hand has floated the idea that "food stamp" recipients be able to eat at fast-food restaurants (no doubt he will run at test at McDonald's or Chic-Filet), but now on this other hand is cutting off aid to hundreds of thousands of Americans in need.

  24. Politicians think Americans are too fat…poor people on food stamps will definitely lose weight now😢. So disgusting of “Chump” and his goonies.

  25. Cut taxes on food that’s will low cost of food or people needs to go back to school get themselves a trade diploma so they can feed their family be honest y’all too grown to be working at those $8.50 to $13 hourly pay jobs those for kids still living with parents.

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