Trump slams Macron for insulting NATO while insulting NATO


President Donald Trump launched an outspoken assault on Emmanuel Macron forward of their assembly in London, calling the French President’s remark final month that American indifference to the alliance is resulting in the “mind dying of NATO” — “very insulting” and “nasty”.
However Trump additionally railed in opposition to the alliance, complaining that the US pays “a disproportionate quantity,” saying “no person wants NATO greater than France” and that the nation that “advantages actually the least is the US.”
“When France makes a press release like they did about NATO, it is a very harmful assertion to make,” Trump stated Tuesday morning forward of a working breakfast with NATO Secretary Normal Jens Stoltenberg.
“No person wants NATO greater than France,” Trump went on to say. “Frankly the one which advantages actually the least is the US.”

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  1. I totally support Trump. Though he sometimes doesn't act in the most diplomatic manner, he says the truth unlike hypocritical democrats who pretend they love minority groups but secretly controlled by the elite to subconsciously manipulate them into mediocrity and victimised thinking. The slavery of today is much more sophisticated that previously.
    It is one pertaining the the most powerful construct in the universe. The mind.
    We are tailored to think that liberalism is synonymous to freedom but don't know that freedom is also synonymous to self destruction. Choose your poison. I'm black and for Tump.

  2. What an embarrassment to all the residents of the USA. Trump has no clue as to how the world turns. Get him out before he digs the hole deeper for the US.

  3. I think France is in danger. Because US would then manage to build the pro US government in France, so that France will listen to them. Macron need to take care.

  4. The Trump'ster (A contraction of Trump and Jester, well he is the clown the world laughs at) missed his vocation in life. He should have been a sewer pipe, he's so full of shit.

  5. It would be nice if all of these countries he insulted just stopped buying american product,s . And watch his own words come back and bite him in his big ass .

  6. People! Let us stop this craziness. There is spirit of division trying to destroy us. I don't like Trump. Yet, Ivoted for him. So guess what. The Bible says pray for those in authority. I dispise Trump, but I do pray for him and his family and our government, democrats too. All are being used by our real enemy satan. When Jesus told Peter " Get thee behind me Satan" Christ was talking to the one using Peter. But also to the man allowing himself to be used. I am Independent. I see this fiasco. Trump yes, a lawless president, democrats doing their job, Impeaching, yet all have something to atone for when they see the creator. I am Independent. I see the wrong and right of both sides. I wish many more can be like me. If I see right in Trump I will say it. Like. He is pro- life. Democrats want abortion rights. Trump puts children in the cages. And democrats say no to cages for children. But neither realizes that both are going against Christ words. Matthew 18:6 Jesus said" If anyone offends one of these his little ones( children) it would be better that a millstone ( 3, 300) pounds stone be tied around their neck and thrown into the sea and drowned than to see his judgement for offending children. So this applies to democrats and republiCONS and Trump.

  7. Better economy than Obama, tougher on Russia than Obama, more jobs for minorities than Obama. Facts folks period. Fake news Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020

  8. The U.S. benefits because NATO insures that threats to Europe, Eastern Europe, the Scandinavian countries, etc. have a lesser chance of coming to our shores. We've found two World Wars and numerous smaller wars in those areas rather than in the U.S. Our prez needs to read a few history books. Ditto with South Korea.

  9. Turkey pays Trump for using his name Trump Tower Turkey a FACT:. He was Protecting his assets in Turkey that is probably why he pulled our troops out of supporting our Kurdish allies. He announced it days in advance so that Turkey and Russia could prepare. And as soon as he pulled our troops out, Turkey started bombing our Kurdish allies. Trump is a mass murderer. Yet he says Hillary is one on Benghazi attack. That was a surprise attack by protesters. She had to face the surprise and 4 Americans died. She didn't plan the surprise attack. That is the lie Trump tells his flock. And they swallow his sh* t and believe his lies. Here is FACT: Trump gave Turkey and Russia heads up on national tv that he was pulling USA troops out, leaving our allies to be slaughtered by Turkey. That makes Trump a premeditated mass murdering co- Con- spirator.

  10. Count all the bombing raids tha NATO participated, and give me a reason why Mrs. Hillary Clinton calls all the killed children in a process of tumbling legitimate governments a "collateral damage"…

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