Jimmy Reviews Trump's Instagram


Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday, November 27.

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Jimmy Critiques Trump’s Instagram




  1. As an Iranian, I personally love President Trump!

    I hope you do not compare the people who love the artisan and peaceful Iran with the animal government of the Islamic Republic and take a look at the books of Rumi and Hafiz Shirazi and Attar Neyshaburi and …

    Currently, the oppressed people of Iran are struggling with brainwashing and beating the Islamic dictatorial government, and I hope that one day the light of love will be shed on the sacred land of Iran so that people will no longer be fooled. .! Thousands have been killed and executed in the wake of the recent protests, and the government has to pay 40 million to 200 million to surrender the bodies of their children ….! We are in a really bad situation and we thank the Iranian people for their continued support of all the intellectuals and advanced states of the world X:

    Long live America, Israel, Germany, France and Britain! Far from the personal beliefs of the government of men who think in their own interests, we Iranians have always wished the best for all beings on earth.

  2. If you look behind Trump at that rally you'll see the black guy that wears a shirt that says Blacks for Trump, and his complete over acting during Trump's story about going to the doctor. He's "laughing" over dramatically and trying to get the guy next to him to laugh along with him. Now either he's just a bad actor or Trump is paying him to be there.

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