Huckabee: Impeachment leading to 'landslide' re-election of Trump


Former Gov. Mike Huckabee says the Republicans may get the Home again and decide up some seats within the Senate as a result of Individuals are ‘sick’ of the impeachment probe. #FoxNews

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  1. Mike is a genius, and Donald Trump will be re-elected by a landslide. The American people are fed up with these Democrats and their party politics. They should all be voted out of office, maybe then they will get that they should have done the job they were sent to DC to do. Represent your constituents, not your lobbyist friends for profit !

  2. I am so disgusted with our supposedly leadership. These hearings seem more complaining about their lack of ability to control the best most honest President ever. MAGA2020!

  3. They COULD be working together? If none of them get arrested and they allow Trump to put through some law's , that are NOT really very good for the U.S ppl , I dont trust politician's at all and cannot understand why member's of the demonrat's have not already been arrested , it somehow doesn't ring true , does it ????

  4. The democrats have been planning a take over of the government for years. Trump's election kind of threw a wrench into the works. Watch for election fraud and judicial fuckery closer to the election.

  5. "Promises Made, Promises Kept". How about The DOW eh! 18K when Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama Davis' reign was over! 10K+ in 3 yrs.! AF1 is back, Allah Force One, bye, bye! How are the two fellas doing this am? (Manchelle and Barry). Now, obstructionists, kindly step aside, and let's fix MY/OUR country! No pallets of Greenbacks to The Cradle of Civilization! Flatten it, suck up/out all the black gold and don't let them set it ablaze a la Desert Storm! I remember it oh so well! Stormin' Norman! Patriot Missiles! Now, MOAB's, let's go!!

  6. Democrats have never been fiscally responsible. What do they care about spending tax-payers hard earned money? They are already giving it all away in humanitarian aid and funneling it back to themselves. That is at the heart of this whole thing only democrats are GUILTY of what they accuse Trump of doing. Most Democrats are corrupt to the core.

  7. Ainsley is a moron! Huck's daughter, GREAT woman! She endured so much crap! "Kicking the can down the road" up on The Hill per Bob Michel (R-Il, RIP). Mom's former boss…And remember, Huck was on the debate(s) dais in '16!

  8. NJ, deep blue, yeah, Cory Crooker left Newark in shambles! (Not that it was ever put back together). So yes, bottom of the deep blue ocean where al-Baghdadi was dumped! Fish feces!

  9. Don Trump is on track for 400 Electoral College votes in 2020, thanks to Democrat buttsore loser treason! Democrats are on track to lose another 600 seats nationwide in local races in 2020, thanks to buttsore loser treason!

  10. Bloomberg is pandering to minorities since Trump is helping them so much with record low unemplyment for all minorities. So lets pander pander pander. Oh and the 2016 democrat party platform that wants to give citizenship to ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS for their vote is moot since the border is getting a little tighter so they have to pander to someone since they wont pander to american citizens because were all racists according to them

    and our president is fixing much of what the career politicians have been taking advantage of while brainwashing supporters into thinking we need to do. leftist education system at work

  11. So many defending the Deep State.
    If a Dem wins 2020, after all guns confiscated, America becomes a tax prison, with Progressive Dems enforcing a totalitarian Green Socialist oligarchy of the very very caring.
    Think of California and New York
    Imagine a wall to keep taxpayers in….
    For our own good.
    Of course.

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