Donald Trump Jr. "Triggered"


Donald Trump Jr. discusses techniques utilized by the political left that in his view slander conservatives.

Watch it this Saturday at 11pm ET and Sunday at 7pm ET.

Watch it on-line after it airs at:



  1. why doest daddy love me? I did all the illegal back channeling he asked me to. I even lied to the feds for him! Maybe if I own the libs more he will finally tell me that he loves me. Or give me a hug. Or show up to my football game.

  2. Listen BEEVIS OF BUTT HEAD: PUTIN has been paying your for your extravagant lifestyle since the mid 1980s while Thug trump provides info (SPY). Putin is a COMMUNIST. That makes ALL OF YOU COMMUNISTS (including all those Republicans congressmen flying to Moscow to pick up their Rubles or bitcoins every few months)!

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