USA: Veterans Day Parade sees anti-Trump protests


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The annual Veterans Day Parade occurred in New York on Monday, with marching bands and veterans on procession.

Some demonstrators protesting US President Donald Trump had been current on the sidelines, holding indicators calling for his impeachment.

Different attendees, akin to Linda Graham, praised Trump, who kicked off the parade with a speech: “He [Trump] helps the veterans, we love him, he’s making America nice and he’s going to maintain America nice.”

This yr was the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade in New York.

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  1. There's a rumor going that the person that went in his place is at the parade this is true…. welcome back doctors and nurses from the 24th evacuation Hospital Long Binh 1970 1971….. you guys saw something everyday 24/7….

  2. You are pretty much protesting Veterans too. Traitors. I am not a huge Trump Fan but would go to these parades IN HONOR of those serving/who have served and those who have died.

  3. Well, some people couldn't be nice even if a Capricorn shoved a happy wand up their butts, while Judy Garland stood there and sang Somewhere Iver The Rainbow.
    The Socialist Democrats have been proving that 24/7 for 3 years.
    I must admit that their dedication to that hate is quite impressive.

  4. After dodging the second presidential Republican debate the Donald held a veteran's charity event. He collected 6 million dollars, a million of it he claimed was his. After months had gone by a reporter had found out that Donald had not distributed it to any veteran's associations. He coerced the Donald in print until the Donald finally had to give up the money.

  5. To the people at 1:11 to 2:56 you are total morons. I hope if you have children they are not burning up their brains with the same drugs that fried your brains. Remember the commercials of the egg in the frying pan mimicing a brain on drugs? That commercial was directed at you.. To the guy in the black leather jacket at 2:56 you are awesome and you speak for me. Did anyone catch any of the protesters suffering from TDS shooting spit balls at the little boy in the police car at 2:40? I wouldn't put it past them because they are that stupid. American's Love President Trump and the Veterans. God Bless America. Is anyone looking into how De Basio wife lost over a billion dollars? Did Obama's husband Michael and his two besties Oprah and Gayle King help him lose it? AG Barr needs to investigate and find that money.

  6. If he truly supported veterans he would not ever talk down of any veteran, which he has numerous times and he wouldn’t close programs and redirect money from veterans to other funds that enrich him and his family. Yea he’s really made America great again, that’s why we are divided as a country almost to the level during the civil war. These people make me sick to see them even suggest that.

  7. I wish they would not bring politics into this, just let the man do his jobs in best his ability as he can. Visiting the veteran of U.S arm forces is an option to everyone, even Trump has his right to decide.

  8. Sounds like the protester suffer from brain Spurs. idiots did complain about Bill Clinton being a Draft Dodeger or his wife caught with Classified information. That she wasn't suppose to have. I see their is also a fricking gay adgenda to.

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