Ray Dalio: The world has gone mad and the system is broken (2020 Recession)


Ray Dalio, founding father of Bridgewater Associates, the most important hedge fund on the earth, his web price = $18.7 billion. Solely few days in the past he said that the world simply bought mad and the system is damaged. In todays video I’ll clarify what he means by that and what ought to we anticipate.

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  1. He is tactfully and even explicitly describing a crash requiring intervention like was required at the end of the Great Depression. For FDR is was the New Deal, for us he’s suggesting it will require massive reform involving every player in the economic game. I doubt we come up with real solutions before it takes it’s toll.

  2. The world needs three things.

    Independent decentralised energy supply

    Decentralised financial system with real money (not fiat currency).

    Laws applied equally to EVERYONE!

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  4. "System is Broken" since 50 years these idiots keep saying it and smart people keep making millions worth of USD profit from markets. dont listen these kind of idiots you will lose alot of opportunity..

  5. Why does nobody question the structure here? They sit here and talk about how crises are inevitable, just part of how it works- and it never occurs to them to say hey, maybe this whole entire system is a big pile of shit and we should do something different. If you had a roommate as unstable as capitalism, you would have kicked it out a long time ago.

  6. I know something now that took me a very long time to realize….. and so to anyone that has it figured it out or wants to figure it out here is my interpretation….. The big players in the game want the market the tank. "WE" or in the broader sense "traders" make more money when the market moves big, especially when it moves big to the downside… so if I personally was to ever manage a hedge fudge or anything like that I would almost always come out and "predict" and say negative things about the market when asked my opinion… The thought process works two ways.. one … who knows maybe what you say will help tank the markets and you get richer .. or people get a sense of fear and want to invest with you.. Ray Dalio's timing is totally suspicious. He is basically behind the curve if he wants to be predicting the next downturn. My guess… He took a huge fucking short and its not working out and he is hoping his little campaign all over the internet might help. He is a trader first and foremost, dont listen to his predictions 😀 .. A trader will tell you a prediction one day and then the next day when their prediction was wrong come and ask you if you took the trade in the right direction opposite of their prediction.. cause as a trader you have to know one thing above all… everyone and everything in the universe is psychotic by nature, the duality. cheers.

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