Turkish President Erdogan Arrives at Washington Hotel Ahead of Trump Visit


Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Washington, Tuesday, November 12, a day earlier than his assembly with U.S. President Donald Trump, who has overtly complimented the Turkish chief and his combative ruling fashion, calling him “a pal” and “hell of a pacesetter.”
Erdogan is trying to Trump to carry an embargo on the acquisition of America’s newest fighter jet.
Trump imposed the freeze after Ankara procured S-400 missiles from Russia.
Washington claims the Russian missiles radar system threatens to compromise NATO protection programs, specifically the F-35 jet’s stealth know-how.
Washington is alarmed at Ankara’s deepening ties with Moscow, however analysts query Trump’s room to maneuver with Congress pressuring for sanctions on Turkey.




  1. might be a rare instance where our polluted and internationally invalid democrat press charades are able to accurately effectively appropriately pressure an aspect of the presidents perspective, but it would be coincidental to their actual concerns and plenty will need to go wrong for erdogan. well see. lol.

  2. President Trump: I am a supporter and I respect your service. So I beseech you to carefully consider that Erdogan is a monster that is the only government leader that has enacted Hitlers strategies since WW2. Pay attention to those in droves who call him a neo Hitler because they are correct. Instead of any honor please have him arrested by the world court of the Hague because you told survivors of the Holocaust you would never have let it happen on your time. Here is your chance.

  3. The dick-taters of the world believe all of us are stupid as hell.
    Red, Blue, Green party doesn't matter, only the GOLD party matters.
    This sickens me to see this tyrant that just killed many of our former (TY Trump) allies welcomed like a friend to the White House. #HAPPYIMPEACHMAS America.

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