Trump Slams California Governor, Threatens to Cut California Wildfire Aid


President Donald Trump is threatening to chop U.S. funding to California for assist throughout wildfires which have burned throughout the state throughout dry winds this fall.

Trump tweeted Sunday that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has performed a “horrible job of forest administration.” He tweeted that when fires rage, the governor involves the federal authorities for assist. “No extra,” he mentioned.

Newsom replied with a tweet: “You don’t imagine in local weather change. You’re excused from this dialog.”

The state controls a small proportion of forest land. The federal authorities manages most of it.

Final yr Trump made an identical risk amid California fires — accusing the state of “gross mismanagement” of forests.

On the time Newsom defended wildfire prevention efforts whereas criticizing the federal authorities for not doing sufficient.

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  1. 🆘 Remember California has been trashed by the Democrats like, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Maxine Waters, governor Gavin Newsom, former Governor Brown for past 10 years. Now it’s high tax Hell hole full of illegal aliens, sanctuary cities with trash, drug needles, feces and homeless lining the streets in tents and cardboard boxes. Now you understand why over 1 million people the past year moved out of the state. Vote the bums out in the next election or get ready for more of the same.

  2. The Federal Government owns 58 percent of the land in California. What happened to make America great again. Who in the hell Trump thinks the governor is anyway, smokey the bear. Also, it would be a job to big for him to even handle. What Trump needs to do is stop taking our climate for granted and do his damn job and stop blaming others for his problems. The only thing a person can do when a fierce and uncontrollable forest fire occurs is run and/or look for safety.

  3. Newson a real doozy
    High gas prices Newson clueless…
    Californians pay fuel taxes $1.10 of every gallon.
    (If Americans were illegal… They'd be better off under Newson)

    California community colleges and California state universities will be required to designate a DREAMer resource liaison on campuses. AB 1645 will provide undocumented and other qualifying immigrant students with resources to navigate the education system.

    SB 225 will allow undocumented immigrants in California to serve on boards and commissions.

    Under AB 1747, the use of noncriminal information from the state's telecommunications database for immigration enforcement purposes will be prohibited, with some exceptions

  4. Increasing CO2 is bad for sure…but increasing over-development of California is good? CA is an artificial environment that only exists because very large amounts of water have been brought in for DECADES. Growers in the San Joaquin Valley have just about tapped out the water table. The US has brought its CO2 levels back down to levels last seen since 30 years ago. How much has CA cut back on development in the last 30 years? Climate Change IS a major problem but come on let's be honest, overdevelopment is sucking down every single drop of water in CA…and there is no end in sight.

  5. The state of California pays in more than it receives and supports many red states, try to have a money fight with California and California will win. Besides the president doesn’t have the power of the dollar anyway it’s all congress

  6. Even if one doesn't like Trump it can't be denied the left is going bat shet crazy and his entire term has basically been fighting off the zombie hoard of Democrats. The left has hurt our nation greatly with their arrogance and priorities.

  7. The hypocrisy of racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters is remarkable. If Obama threatened to take aid away from any American city . Rape-publicans would be going nuts and you racist piece of shit coward bedsheets wearing assclowns brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters would be climbing the walls. With pitchforks. America bleeds HYPOCRISY. Remarkable..

  8. Why is this top news? It was posted November 4th. Trump is a looser btw. If anyone was legitimately worried how that aid money was spent they would audit it. Not put the state and its people at risk. I'm sure he just wants to destroy property so he can go through and buy it up via a family member or croney.

  9. Californians are on a Test
    "Cattle Drive!"…into 'their' FEMA created cities where they will be VACCINATED and BRANDED…and if 'they' succeed…Y'ALL WILL BE NEXT!!!!!!

  10. Trump is kicking butts all around rofl.
    This is only the person who can handle the oh so corrupted to their bone and soul democrats.
    How more you try the more popular he becomes and getting with ease elected 2020!
    Wondering if Trump has the energy for the second round…

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