Pathetic Don Trump Jr MELTS After 'dictate' the witnesses on live show




  1. I believe when trump speaks he's not speaking to people with common sense he's targeting his supporters the morons who believe what ever he says even though they know he's talking about of his ass

  2. Are the Republicans on Drugs.or crazy people are they serious all the. People who have been put in jail from the Trump Republican administration.tell all the Republican party to give away all there money to the poor and see the look on his face smile for me

  3. Fake Billionaire vs Real Billions, Wow wouldn't it be nice to be at least a thousand'naire,how about a Hundred'naire ,hell wouldn't it be nice to go and have a good Stake!!

  4. Your not in the White House because of you fool. If it wasn't for the American people in our country you wouldn't be where your at. And now we see who you used to pay for some of your campaign to get where your at. You used the Veterans and abused the system for millions of dollars. I pray that they put you in prison where you belong .. #LOCKHIMUP

  5. No , As Crooked as his old man was , an Apple never fals far from a tree . Trump dont know the meaning of honesty being a crook all his life and his papa is all he knows . Crook.

  6. If that son of a bitch admitted to using charity money for his own personal gain in court to please bargain, for a lesser fine,he is supposed to be going to jail when he finishes his presidency, because that's a crime punishable by jail time, and a fine

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