Mega Billionaire Bloomberg Has "Work Cut Out For Him" In 2020 According to Andrew Yang


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  1. It's only fair that the 1% be represented in our presidential race. Bloomberg is an excellent 1% representative. The ball is in #ThePeople's court to REJECT extreme capitalism or continue as its slaves.

  2. You two aren't against each other you are a team! Please Cody keep Cardon on track but don't be overbearing. You should at least appear like you want to hear each other.

  3. ughhhh Carden really makes me question following them with his dismissal of dog whistles. The whole point is that people can deny it, so saying it is bullshit that it is a dog whistle is stupid especially when you know there are people racist enough to hear 'make America great again' and thing 'make America white again'. I watched a video about it and the beauty of dog whistles. It goes Republican says something the is kinda racist, JSW's call them out hard and then the Republican looks to the common people and say 'they called me racist, sooner or later they will call you racist'. Please don't follow this and also consider why Trump got the support of white nationalist if he wasn't dog whistling.

  4. He's so full of shit. I had to stop following his network for all the op-ed pieces that were all pro-Warren. Now he is trying to put a face to the opposition of her by marketing himself as a failing anti-Warren to give fuel to the media dropping focus on Trump in favor of a Warren – Bloomberg feud.

  5. Bloomberg is married to corporations, and corporate interests. He decimated the public education system in NYC, by raping their funds and resources, and relentlessly funneling that to charter schools. He would be a move BACKWARD, not forward.

  6. I'm trying tell warren diehards this. She is pushing dems away from her. Even Bill Gates made a comment about reeling from her wealth tax proposal. Yang on the other hand is pulling Trump Supporters to him. Plus so many others.

  7. Bloomberg could actually beat Trump. He's not nearly as divisive as Hillary and although he switched to Democrat he has long term connections with Republicans and would be viewed as someone who could move the country probably back to pre financial crisis. That wouldn't make him popular with the progressives or the libertarians which have both seen a huge rise in recent years but the country that wishes for a return to the 90s-00s would be happy to vote for him.

    I've followed this channel for sometime and this is the first time I think these two chumps don't know what they are talking about. I suggest doing some serious research on Bloomberg before making this video and giving commentary for 22mins on him. You guys have a duty to figure out his history, know his political stance, learn the public's impression of him and just generally just understand more about 'Bloomberg' – the person, the brand, the immense impact and global reach of his company and achievements; Ie., Why his company is the very heartbeat of every financial center in the world… Otherwise you guys just risk sounding ignorant and making completely foolish comments; Your viewers expect to hear something sensible, substantial and relevant besides your repeated labelling of him as "just another billionaire".

    PS: I am a hardcore Andrew Yang supporter.

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