GOP Struggles With Impeachment Strategy To Defend President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

In a brand new piece for Politico Journal, Tim Alberta examines Donald Trump’s obsession with potential Republican defectors within the impeachment inquiry. Jennifer Rubin and Tim Miller speak with Ali Velshi about what may transfer Republican lawmakers to interrupt with Trump on impeachment. Aired on 11/08/19.
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GOP Struggles With Impeachment Technique To Defend President Donald Trump | The Final Phrase | MSNBC


34 thoughts on “GOP Struggles With Impeachment Strategy To Defend President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. traitor trump and his corrupt criminal family and the spineless lying butt licking GOP senators are traitors to the American people ,vote blue in 2020

  2. I’m a Republican and I can’t vote for any republican in office in my state anymore that condones this behavior. In PA Pat Toomey has been decent but there is a line. I actually wish Jeb or Mitt would save the party but that’s not gonna happen, any real conservative Republican would feel the same way, this isn’t the core values anymore it has definitely changed and if any of you were true, then you wouldn’t back someone that hasn’t been a Republican his whole life only changes to whatever suits him at the time.

  3. Susan Collins will do whatever the Republicans want her to do. She doesn't really care about doing the right thing for the country; she just wants them to like her. For her, the right thing is whatever she has been told will make her more popular with her colleagues. The GOP likes fascism. They do not like Liberal Democracy. They do not like the US Constitution. They don't like the Rule of Law. They will not do the right thing for the USA, they will do whatever creates an illiberal one-party rule. They are hollowing out out government to overthrow the country. They're doing one heck of a job at it.

  4. But he is the so called "chosen one."

    Amos 5:19 
    It will be as though a man fled from a lion only to meet a bear, as though he entered his house and rested his hand on the wall only to have a snake bite him.

    But yet, he looks to devour like a lion but is wicked to flee from the lion.
    He has a 'Trumpy Bear' sales pitch and his hands on building a border "wall."

    A snake devouring itself at this point.

    A chosen failure of a SATANIC agenda is proper in technicality…



  5. if the democratic are really worried for america .. they must make a promise to any senate member who vote against the president . on impeachment vote.. there will be no democratic candidate against them.. in the next primary..

  6. GOP about to be awakened by the truth and public opinion it's messed up cause Nancy Pelosi gave the guy in the White House so many chances she would not impeach but he stomped on the Constitution and the GOP expect her to turn the other cheek while the public watching come on now there are some people that take their jobs seriously and follow the law to bad guy in the White House I think everyday he wings it from now on there should be some sort of rule if you have never held no public office you can't be President plain and simple cause he only seem to have wanted to be President for his own agenda ( CORRUPTION ).

  7. Trump probably has them all, Pence included, guilty or not, filmed in compromising positions with under aged boys, girls or both (Trump's Jeffery Epstine connection), just like Putin's got Trump blackmailed (& brainwashed) & on a short leash.

  8. You would think that after trump said the Republicans were the dumbest people on the planet that they would try to prove him wrong. And that they'd believe anything he said. Even though we know they're struggling with it. Dont let trump abuse your party that way. Make him accountable for all of his abuse. That's all he does.

  9. Alexander Vindman, a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, said Ambassador Gordon Sondland made it clear the Ukrainian president would need to investigate the Bidens in order to get a meeting with Trump.

  10. It is very amusing looking at what the left-wingers here think while it is clear outside their echo chamber that the majority of American voters detest the Democrats, despise their candidates and their 'policies' and that there is no way that Trump will lose in 2020. This bogus impeachment and the bogus Russian interference plot only makes the majority of American voters hate – yes, hate (incredible, isn't it?) the Left even more. When Trump wins, the tears from Democrats will be so sweet to see.

  11. I have to disagree with jennifer a bit here. America doesn't need two parties. America needs about four or five to get any semblance of accountability in government or a government that does what the people want them too…. Multiple parties wouldn't hurt in getting rid of the "them vs. us" -mentality either..

  12. Trump is the Republicans "Frankenstein's Monster". To admit his failures and criminal behavior would be admitting their own, and they're too cynical and cowardly to ever do something like that.

  13. Nonsense they fear Trump what has the 🌎 come and they don't fear GOD and claims to be Christian Trump is right about 1 thing their Christianity is fake and Republicans Americans never knew GOD JESUS said it himself I never knew you. Ye and your father Satan they are sons of that devil Satan it's their true nature to be followers of Satan and racism will be Americans downfall ! And their church & pastors can't save them !

  14. In 2024, there will be two major political parties, the Democrats and the Progressives. The moribund remnants of the Republican Party will be living in assisted living facilities or well armed remote wilderness compounds.

  15. Many of us in America and some world wide will always remember the actions of tRump's GOONS OF PUTIN/GOP lapdogs. They are too cowardly to represent our fine nation. I'd ask those who voted for them what is their appeal? Integrity/morality/ facts, and country over party are what I embrace.

  16. As an overseas observer this whole impeachment thing is a fiasco. It has been corrupted by DNC meeting with the whistle blower and the secret hearings. This MSNBC has consistently back every false narrative against the president. Just remember the only person who can be found to have used quid pro quo whilst in office was Joe Biden. You are so bias in favour of the Democrats it's unbelievable.

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