Donald Trump says he's not concerned about impeachment testimony so far

President Donald Trump says he is not involved about depositions from present and former administration officers within the ongoing impeachment inquiry. CNN’s Joe Johns stories on the President’s feedback to reporters earlier than departing to Atlanta, in the meantime Daniel Dale and Abby Phillip share evaluation and fact-checking with Kate Bolduan. #CNN #Information


33 thoughts on “Donald Trump says he's not concerned about impeachment testimony so far

  1. Just play the whole clip, I hate FOX NEWS but seen this news conference on my Twitter feed. At no point was there a clip played, rather they played the whole statement which I found refreshing.

    Stop playing only the parts that enforce your agenda CNN. 😤

  2. sigh This is why I wish he was impeached. For the love of this world. It’s like punks on Youtube just became hypocritical. If you guys don’t realize what is wrong with Trump then seriously you guys really need to wake up! Seriously, I wish there was a way for anyone to experience the same discrimination of how others felt. I’m getting sick and tired of Trump. I just hope someday if he leaves office, people would finally realized why he is no different from his Predecessors. But I guess retards in this country still want him. He can even get away with Murder at this point. It’s so sad how this country has become. Yet, Former President Obama is no longer in the white house. Yet, at this point I’m gonna just say You guys elected an Orange S.O.B thinking he’s cool and all. You do realize all that Tax returns people get comes from the Government and our poor pockets? It’s no different from Rich people’s “Food Stamps” in any way possible. So, either way both Parties do not give a shit about you. It’s more to the big Corporations and the 1%. Besides, Most of the rich folks didn’t do shit for their tax return money. They just placed in their pockets and do nothing. Trump made us even more broke because when Obama left it was $18 Trillion in Debt. When Trumpy took over it’s now close to $23 Trillion? Geez…. to me, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Oh that wall didn’t do shit, these so-called “Mexicans” still got through the wall by Climbing. So, really He’s screwing the country apart. Yet, nowadays they blame us for being Commies. If anyone is being a Communist is Trump and people who still support him.

  3. Do you pathetic fools not know that Trump as an IQ of 170? He is in the top 1% of the worlds brightest people. Do you not know that he is a Master Chess player? So fools, do stop referring to Trump as an idiot because none of you will ever be able to achieve either of those two accolades. By the way, you won’t hear this information on CNN or any of the deep state demonic media.

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