Andy Reports On Trump’s Ukraine Scandal – CONAN on TBS

What the hell does Andy know in regards to the Ukraine scandal? Completely nothing.

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20 thoughts on “Andy Reports On Trump’s Ukraine Scandal – CONAN on TBS

  1. I love this because I thought it was going to be political humor, but they turned it around to just Andy acting like a doofus. Before complaining that this is being political, try watching the sketch first.

  2. Trump supporters constantly call people overly sensitive snowflakes but the second anything negative is said about Trump they're the first ones to cry in the comments.

    If you oppose the impeachment inquiry you're basically admitting that you're fine with allowing the president to do whatever they want without any oversight.

  3. Except all of the evidence proves there was no quid pro quo and Trump was doing HIS JOB as the executive branch to look into the 7 billion dollars in tax payer money stolen and the two convicted in Ukraine for 2016 election meddling. Oh you hadn't heard about those facts? That's because you are listing to ONLY DNC sources. Eric Ciaramella the treasonous leaker will get the justice he deserves along with Brennan and Biden. Trump isn't going anywhere, they are.

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