‘I Didn’t Threaten Anybody’: President Donald Trump On Call With Ukrainian President | MSNBC


President Trump held his first information convention since Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a proper impeachment inquiry was launched. The president mentioned he “totally helps transparency” and “didn’t threaten anyone,” throughout his telephone name with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Aired on 09/25/19.
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‘I Didn’t Threaten Anyone’: President Donald Trump On Name With Ukrainian President | MSNBC



  1. I have read the Trump Ukrainian call transcript: It is a nothing-burger just like the Mueller report! I look on from Australia and just want to say; MSNBC is not a news reporting outlet it is a Totally Activist, untruthful, very, very disgusting company! Teza from Sydney Australia

  2. It's debatable whether Trump threatened to withhold funds from Ukraine but there is absolutely no doubt that Biden did because he likes to brag about it… this is corporate media and the establishment ensuring Trump wins again.

  3. Sorry, pResident tRump — if you don't understand the difference between "We will take away support if you don't toe the line to end corruption" vs "I hope you like all the support that we give you…hey, how about you do me a favor and look into my political rival?", you're even more of a fool than you usually seem to be. Step down, Spanky — you're out of your depth.

  4. dems and the bidens are the only ones who will suffer under these current impeachment proceedings. biden bragged about withholding almost two billion dollars in aid unless the Ukrainian prosecutor looking into his sons sketchy board position was silenced/fired during obama's term.

  5. Trump strongly believes that he is above all laws and all traditional moral values of our nation and he is going all out to prove it. He owns up to his outrageous and unconstitutional behavior in the Ukraine-Biden drama and even provides factual proof of it, insisting that he did nothing wrong. The Ex-GOP whores in Congress unconditionally support and encourage all his abuses, hoping for re-election so that they may continue to betray their oath and our nation.

  6. MSNBC, Hello America!!!
    Why is this president attempting to bismerch the character of a courageous WhistleBlower…he doesn't even supposedly know??!!
    Who's briefing the president about the WhistleBlower's personal information??!!
    President Trump shouldn't
    be allowed to use press conferences to subliminally communicate intimidation strategical tactic harassment messages and negaive comments towards the WhistleBlower.
    The mass media professionals, should utilize follow up questions and call him out on this obviously subliminal targeted harassment through media towards the WhistleBlower.
    Unfortunately, it's been proven..
    over and over again, that….
    President Trump has some random lunatic supporters…that has threatened to harm prominent political opponents, news professionals, and untold others.
    President Trump… sending out these negative subliminal messages against the courageous WhistleBlower is very dangerous.

  7. Trump, Giuliani and Barr – the three stooges swinging a wrecking ball at American democracy, are now swinging into Ukraine demanding Ukraine’s new president smear Trumps political opponent, Joe Biden as a condition of receiving American military aid.  Is this impeachable?  Are you kidding?  Does a bear …. in the woods?

  8. Oh my god this is unbelievable watch him and listen to him as he talks. You can obviously see he has a hard time holding a single train of thought and must continue to look down at a piece of paper on the podium just to help try and keep his thoughts clear. Then at some point in the conversation he ignores looking at the paper and just spouts gibberish out of his mouth. People I submit that Trump is suffering from some major mental disorder perhaps an extreme case of dementia or worse and if this is the case he must resign from office immediately since it would mean that he's clearly unfit to hold a leadership position in anything in life.

    Trump is beyond nuts and he's a hopeless case at this point and the people that are trying to keep them in office are just as useless as he is and they should also be held accountable for all the wrongdoings that Trump has committed.

    When the election appears for a senator or congressman I strongly hope that everybody here will try and remember which ones were supporting Trump and which ones weren't and for those that were supporting trump to have them immediately voted out of office.

  9. "Millions and millions of dollars taken out of Ukraine and China (by the Bidens)…and deposited into the same bank where Hillary hid her windfall from the uranium deal."

    Yeah, right.

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