Donald Trump in Tropical and Sidereal Vedic Astrology


You needed an illustration of tropical Vedic astrology in comparison with Sidereal. Right here it’s. You needed that demonstration accomplished on Trumps chart. Right here it’s. Now what? What’s subsequent?

Effectively subsequent might be Einstein, Hitler and Tesla – since you needed that too.

Listed here are the shorthand notes. Take pleasure in!

Principal Chart
Each very comparable – sharing very dominant key options

* 9L in 1H 3º from Asc (very lucky/fortunate)
* it’s ♂ in ♌︎ (untamable, individualistic, obv very “pita”)
* 1L in RY & Eclipse, asp. by ♃
* Eclipsing 12th L by Ketu
* essential as a result of 2 or Three planets are within the 12th, which may very well be complicated.
* however sid. has 12L deb.
* however not 11L in 12H, however that’s really good anyway.
* +♂ in ♌︎ very distinctive particular person
* Kemadruma

Major variations:
* Sid dharma, trp harsha
* Trp Mahābhāgya, sid not
* Trp Sankha, sid not
* Sid 2/11L ☿ in 11H, trp in 12H
* Sid 5/8L ♃ in 2H, trp in 3H
* Sid eclipse in 4/10, trp in 5/11
* Ketu rajayoga in Four or 5? is he a quiet conspirator or a strangely-genius controller of communications? does he have emotional issues that work in his favor, or mental issues that accomplish that?
* 1L in 10 or 11? Is he wealthy due to success or visa versa?


* Trekka d3
* Trop is unbelievable Sid is okay
* 1h ♂ in fireplace in trekka is great!
* However ♈︎ is even higher than ♌︎ .
* Trimsha d5
* Trop is nice, sid too, however with slight drawback (deb ♃ in 12H as 11L)
* Trop has ex 12/9L ☿ as a substitute
* Saptamsa d7
* sid is nice, however that doesn’t match him
* ex ☿ at 1L in 1H?
* 3H w/ Moon and Ketu, and 3L w ♃ in 12H?
* trop is rather more turbulent, higher match
* 11L ♃ in low dig w 3L ♂ in 1H
* 1L in 5
* ☽ in ♈︎ as 6L in 3H
* Navāṁśa d9
* tropical is superb match
* ♂ in 1H ♐︎
* 1L personal signal 4H
* 10L ex 10H
* 3L personal signal 3H w/ 11L
* 9L ⦿ ex 1H w/ Rāhu
* sidereal is weak
* ♊︎ asc?
* ♍︎ ⦿
* ♂ in 12H
* Daśāṁśa d10
* tropical is great
* 2/5L ☿ in 1H ♉︎
* 10L exalted in 6H
* 7/12L ♂ personal signal 12H
* 8/11L ♃ personal signal 11H
* 3L ☽ personal signal 3H
* sidereal has vital issues
* 11L solar debilitated w/ Rāhu in 1H
* 3/6L ♃ debilitated in 4H

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  1. I think the yoga regarding losses ,with the moon (thats in the 4th) has to do with losses in family. He has had a lot of losses each time he has tried to build a family. Tons of losses in 4th house matters in my interpretation? Do you concur?

    Great video though! Thought provoking analysis!

  2. Great 👍 , first I thought it’s going to be boring 13 round fight , separated the opponents by few points .. but than two strong 💪🏻 punches 💥 D9,D10 and and boom .. opponent down .. beautiful..

  3. Moon in Scorpio…. written hidden. Trump used to write under a different name.
    Trump now operated as Q+. Which is huge serects being reviled about all the corruption around the world.
    His wife is very independent, where as we do not know about his love life. Ms. Trump loves Trumps mind very much.
    His dad was losing family money, until Trump turned the money around with smart investments.
    Deblited Sun makes since, because the American dream was to be Donald Trump, now he is in office exposing pedophilia, human trafficking, and our government selling us out, no one likes him.
    I understand Trump differently than want you see him as.
    You just sold me on Sidereal.

  4. rumor has it that sidereal is babylonian astrology but tropical is true for me. I accept everything thrown at me because I will fight it,
    June 23rd is a cancer (tropical)and June 23rd is a Gemini(sidereal). i was born at 8:56pm in Africa, I found out I was an Aquarius rising but Capricorn rising using daylight savings time in a tropical natal chart.I can't prove it, but I experimented on myself practically and I wasn't ever a social person because I felt like it didn't matter especially since I've got goals that nobody cared to listen to. And i never actually thought about the consequences of my actions before doing anything, and everyone i am not a genius, idk what's real or fake anymore. I have experienced the worst things in life starting from family,school and in school I was and still a quiet guy who chooses not to annoy the teachers because i wanted to understand what's bigger than me and maintaining a good reputation in the process, now i choose not to think of family because they are selfish and that is bigger than me. If only they taught this in school for us to know our destiny or what to do in reaching our divine nature with God. I was always the peaceful one, i never planned evil against any man, my mind was always God fearing for a reason about going to hell.
    I was born into a world that didn't appreciate me for being sincere, good hearted and a good man but in reality being influenced by evil, negative thoughts. The true value of such knowledge is shared and who am I to say that it's altered or not altered, no matter how we try to relate with things by intuition in which I won't understand , I always wondered why there is a limit for me in terms of getting things logically and once especially to the sum to infinity.
    I live in my mind. My Dad always advised me to reading books, he never cared about my views on life unless it relates to books because he is philosophical as well, we only connected on an intellectual level, same thing with my mum, she is always intellectual, secretive, philosophical.
    i just wish i could see life for what it truly is rather than believing in omens that originated in ancient babylon that is the great whore of our world.
    My life experiences that involves everyone around me has influenced me to be this way so i never free with them in communicating so therefore lifestyle is actually super amazing now.
    My late cousin introduced me to this occult stuff and ever since then I never stopped researching on things that's not relating to my field of education.
    Apparently, we go to different schools to learn skills practically after absorbing theories from the minds of geniuses.
    logically my genetics influenced me to be this way but astrology is the science of the world that forms our calendars and tells us about our souls.
    Doesn't what act like a horse is a horse? or is it really a lion pretending to be a horse to get alongside with horses?. Similarities between humans and animals aren't different no OFFENSE.
    That's why they will be wars, greed,etc. just like the jungle or animal kingdom.
    Thank you so much for your research and trying to improve the life of communities that aim towards reaching their Divine nature or higher self.

  5. Hmm, he's bankrupted 6 major business ventures… I'd say those are substantial mistakes with money, but then again those are businesses which are legally exempt from personal fault right… and he has no personal filings for bankruptcy. So maybe a business failure might not have a causal relationship with a personal failure, but it's hard to remove the possibility of a correlation.

  6. I'm not sure using Tesla is a good one since his time is not verified by a birth certificate (b rating on Also, Trumps ascendant changes to Virgo when his birth time is moved only 11 seconds forward (10:54:11). This would of course change the chart interpretation dramatically if he is in fact born 11 seconds after his published birth time.

    Thank you for doing this Vic. A huge service to the astrological community 🙏🙏

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