Kind acts of Trump


The facet of Trump the MSM refuses to indicate.



  1. The Clinton's, The Obama's, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Senators Nader etc. etc. never ever did anything for American who was in need. Not once! And ya know what? They never will.

  2. I had this video in my favorites for a long time and then the link went dead al I got was a message that the video was no longer available!!!! thank God its back!!!

  3. the guy just unscriptedly takes young children on a helicopter ride. what a heart. You see, by doing so you not only make childrenn happy, you plant the seeds of the future of those young bright potentials. some might want to be professional pilots, while others engineers, hey maybe even the next POTUS. while crooked dumpster kilary and her corrupt DNC backed by the MSM hires thugs and gangs for riots, while the music and movie industry bashes him with mock killings . Guess which one of those children will grow up to be prosperous and serve the country ? Obviously these kids in the video 23:30

  4. yes president trump really loves his all american people and his country united states

    we cried watching this

    god bless president trump and the whole world

  5. I have friends who hate Trump because of all the bad press in the MSM.  I have tried very hard to explain to them how he was never really hated in the USA, until he ran for President, in fact I argue he is one of a few iconic Americans with genuine patriotism and love of his country.  Now they mock me as a Trump supporter and sometimes I actually think I may be crazy, because in the midst of all the hatred and vitriol toward him in the UK, I find myself  really liking the guy – he may be brash, but I believe his heart is in the right place and he'll do the right thing.

  6. Despite his blustering language POTUS Trump is a very caring patriotic American who really wants to make America great again and he isn't beholding to the Republicans or anyone else and that is why they hate him they are afraid…

  7. No…. the mainstream media don't have time to tell the truth and show the kind things that Trump does…. they're too busy trying to whitewash Bill and Hillary Clinton's acts of lying, scumbag,money grubbing, traitorous dogs that they are!

  8. I'm so glad that this video is on YT.President Trump has did so many great things. I remember a lot of wonderful kind act he did before his presidency. God Bless you and your family Pres.Trump. May the Lord keep you safe to help our great country and I do believe with all my heart that YOU will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!

  9. This is why he is successful in everything he does
    Although he has more than most everybody else, he thinks about other people
    God makes a way for people like that
    He knows they will pass it down and share it and help people

  10. I personally did not know about Mr. Trumps compassion and generous side until now. Shame on the mainstream media for not showcasing these kind acts as they should have.

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