June 27 RIP Beth Chapman


Had a gathering with Beth Chapman desirous to let her husband (Canine) know there’s a God. What is going to occur to Manafort. Trump and Putin assembly – Putin not pleased with Trump. Iran is sitting nonetheless. July four may have some drama. The Democratic debate, not feeling thrilled??!!



  1. for dog and his family s sake hopefully this is true. you never know with some people who claim to be psychic . but a lot of what you have said is true. I believe that she is in heaven and that her father was there to meet her. and that dog will be with her again someday

  2. It's okay that you believe what you say, BUT the people watching your videos and BELIEVE what you're saying just goes to show how messed up our worlds society is. There is NO WAY this woman is psycic. Psychotic perhaps…

  3. Are you kidding me ?? This woman is a fake! Good lord people don’t believe everything you hear! And about Trump and Putin hello lady this crap with Valdamir Putin has been going on for years.

  4. From Beth's own mouth, on many ''Dog The Bounty Hunter'' episodes she stated ""this is killin' me'','' this will be the death of me'',etc. Of course she was stressed, who wouldn't be when your entire bounty hunting crew are all family. She'd state ''the hardest most stressful part of this job is when Dog is (on the job) out of my sight and not responding to my calls''. Such a high stress job. I can't imagine any woman more fit for that job than Beth. Beth once mentioned something regarding how, ''in this job some ppl like to think you're weak because you're a woman, and some will challenge that so you've got to be ready to throw down if necessary''. At the time of this statement she was pumping some serious iron and was talking (via video) to the ladies who tell her, ''I wanna be a bounty hunter''. She felt the need to explain that ''you better be physically and mentally strong for this job because otherwise these ppl will see you as weak and will try to test it''. Given Beth's temperament and personality I still believe that she was well suited for bounty hunting. The job, per say, didn't seem to be her biggest stress as much as worrying about the Dog's safety on that job. People are saying, ''the stress of that job gave her cancer''. Many ppl in this world have very high stress jobs and yet they don't get cancer (maybe heart disease ), but not necessarily cancer. Many ppl get cancer and yet have had very little stress in their lives. We just don't seem to understand yet what causes cancer. Like Beth though, I do not believe chemo helps at all. Some will say, well I had cancer and chemo saved me. I truly believe those ppl survived through the cancer in spite of the chemo which darn near killed them. See, ''doctor gets cancer and refuses chemo''. There are many doctors who have refused chemo because they are privy to info. we aren't. Why should (for example) JAMA magazine be kept from the public ? As a child I'd read JAMA, in the doctors lounge yet wasn't allowed to take it out of that lounge. Those articles would talk about cancer and everything else concerning the body and the ''true politics'' of ''medicine''. What an eye opener. One person (Dr. John Bergman) crosses that legal line and tells what JAMA publications say.

  5. Linda, LMAO…..I agree with itsinthemusic. You say anything you want. I feel as if I am koffee klotching with you everytime I visit you. Thank you for lending David Johnson to me. I see him when you are not available. Love you both and I watched this of you after Trump was in Osaka and I do believe your predictions about their possible conversation together was no a good one as Trump already is giving a press conference from Osaka stating he is gonna try and meet with Iran ! See ya next time, ADIOS ! lol

  6. From The Gospel of Thomas (Gnostic Gospels) (3) Jesus said, "If those who lead you say to you, 'See, the kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you…" Somewhere it also says "if you want to know the kingdom of heaven, study your Self"

  7. Linda… did you know that yesterday President Carter Called out the Trump administration for being fraudulent and needed to be Investigated because the Russians put him in office. J Bell

  8. Linda actually niclear weapons are horrible in destruction capacity. But, there are weapons far worst being designed in light and sound. Basically vibrational frequencies are being worked on; so nuclear i guess is egocentric behavior on our part.
    Trump is all over the board behind the scenes. Wow as you were talking its like he on a road and its getting narrower up in the mountains and a clift on the right side. Hes right on the edge. Rocks falling down on the clift side. Not much more left and he knows it spiritually. His kids are saying good bye????not sure in the meaning ? Well may God bring love and light too all.
    Thank You for your love and kindness and reinsuring us that better in coming.

  9. Everybody is saying that July will be huge against Trumpy, but what I wonder is if the news will slow the damage, especially worldwide, until he leaves in the fall. We need news that will stunt him. He’s doing such damage at the G20

  10. So I do believe some people can do with but the issue I have with this particular reading or message is it’s so vague anyone could find out this info everyone knew how the relationship was Dog himself says Beth is the boss he’s just the enforcer everything you mention could be from just them being in the public for so long and the fact that you just assumed her first name was Elizabeth because she was called Beth was what I didn’t understand because her first name is Alice i guess I was looking for something more personal if course there is a God and a heaven by the way I’m not in anyway trying to put you down I just don’t feel this message is as good

  11. I agree ☝️ you say namaste 🙏 anyway you like !! Linda I know you say not to praise you … but you have made be a better person . I I consciously try to be kinder with your voice to do so in my ear . Thank you so much for this gift 💕

  12. Yeah, I noticed Manafort never looked better. Prison must be doing him some good. As I was watching him I tried to photo shop different heads from the Trump Crime Family in prison garb doing the perp walk. It was fun.

  13. I receive your recognition of my humanity and your blessing, Miss Linda! There are those who have impeccable pronunciation of holy words but have hate in their heart. We all know that the devil can quote scripture. Right? So let's exchange invocations of LOVE – no matter how awkward , turn off auto-correct- and cut the bullshit.

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