Sources: Trump Jr., Ivanka had knowledge of Trump Tower Moscow plans


Michael Cohen’s admission that he lied to Congress about Donald Trump’s information of the continuing effort to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow through the 2016 marketing campaign has ensnared the President’s youngsters in particular counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. #CNN #Information



  1. "I have nothing to do with Russia. I have… John, John, how many times do I have to say
    it? Are you a smart man? I have nothing to do with Russia." (Now we know this Trump claim [made on July 27, 2016] was an absolute lie: In fact, at that moment, he was actively pursuing a major deal in Moscow [for Trump Tower Moscow]).
    — Trump Lied About Russia, What About Putin?, NowThis News, Mar 19, 2019,

    "Vladimir Putin owns Donald Trump and both of the men know it.
    — Joe Scarborough, former Republican and current co-host of Morning Joe cable news program, July, 17, 2018,

    'Trump is treason': heckler throws Russian flags at US president, Guardian News, Oct 24, 2017,

    Poll: Republicans Are The Party Of Corruption, Not Of Draining The Swamp.
    — Paul Leblanc, July 18, 2018,

    Poll: Republicans are “more corrupt” than Democrats. 54 percent of voters across 48 GOP-controlled congressional districts said Republicans are “more corrupt” than Democrats.
    — Jane Coaston, Vox, July 20, 2018, Unprecedented Corruption Of President Donald Trump, May 21, 2018,

    Trump is Leading the Most Corrupt Administration in US. History, One of First Class Kleptocrats
    — Alexander Nazaryan, Newsweek, November 2, 2017,

    "Donald Trump is corrupt. Everyone with any sense knew he would be, although the scale of his personal profiteering, the strong likelihood that his family’s financial interests have distorted U.S. foreign and national security policy, have startled even the cynics. And, of course, the example set by the grifter in chief has infected his whole administration."
    — Paul Krugman, Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, June 7, 2018

  2. I'm uncomfortable with a Moscow Trump Tower only because of the stigmatized media. How ever let's be real no one complains about McDonald's in Moscow. Is there a difference in intent on Trump's side. I think not in fact it's a positive move towards global Peace and economic benefit.

  3. CNN fake news propaganda globalist bullshit wake up you fucking idiots o Michael Cohen that's the man who's going to save the day he's no better than any you scumbags and CNN all line pieces of shit I feel bad for the all you deadbeat cheap at CNN

  4. Great reporting Jake !!! You should replace Don Lemon! Well ALL hate Donald Trump but It’s time for Don Lemon to go – Don Lemon is unAmerican and hates America. We hate trump – not Americans. Don Lemon is too inappropriate at this time while CNN is getting their ratings and credibility back. CNN will start to lose ‘us’ its Trump hating base if something isn’t done about Don Lemon. Donald Trump and Donald Lemon — the two most hate people in America— basically if your name is Don? it’s time to go! You’re Hated. Sorry.

  5. Impeach Trump – he is a traitor

    I strongly think Trump is Putin's puppet. He fulfills Putin's will by withdrawing US troops in Syria where Russian troops are, assisting Assad regime. Trump plans to have business in Moscow, he serves Putin to succeed his pipe dream. Trumps family might already have secrete businesses @subsidiaries in Russia territory.

    BOOKEM !!!!! 2020!!!

  7. Of course they did…They don’t care about anybody but themselves…More Corrupt than any other President…Born Leader my Ass…Throw em all out…

  8. it was only a matter of time before they arrest Barron and try to flip him against his grandpa. This is like Nazi Germany going after enemies of the state and leftest cheer.

  9. Prepare for More Thrills From Mueller’s Russia Investigation

     The ride isn’t over yet.

    The Endgame for Manafort, Flynn, and Cohen:

     • Nov. 26
    Mueller’s prosecutors submit a filing saying Manafort breached his plea agreement
    • Nov. 30
    In a hearing, prosecutors discuss the possibility of additional charges against Manafort
    • Dec. 4
    A Flynn sentencing brief says he met 19 times with prosecutors and is helping on three pending investigations
    • Dec. 11
    Flynn’s lawyers will file their own sentencing memo; the government has until Dec. 14 to respond
    • Dec. 12
    A federal judge in New York will sentence Cohen, who’s said he hopes to avoid prison
    • Dec. 18
    Flynn will be sentenced by a federal judge in Washington, D.C.
    • Feb. 8
    Manafort will be sentenced in Virginia
    • March 5
    Manafort will be sentenced in D.C.

    BOTTOM LINE – With recent filings in the Flynn, Cohen, and Manafort cases, it may seem that the Mueller inquiry is winding down. But in other respects, it’s just getting started.

  10. Thinking in reverse, foreign sabotage for the us presidency. Wow and they were celebrating with a poorly given high five. Prez T should be disappointed for the ties he allowed to happen.

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  12. The most powerful folks put Trump in office for a reason FOLKS come on.They knew everything before it even hit the fan so they put Trump in office to make him fall hard along with his lil crazy children .there all blind LOLOLOL BUT IN THE END THEY ALL WILL PAY FOR ALL WRONG DOINGS.we all do Karma is karma an again in the end we a get what we put out here in life

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